The educational methodology used by GIOCAMPUS is based on a “learning by doing” approach, where children learn by working and taking action. According to this innovative and particularly effective methodology, the learning objectives are achieved through "learning how to make something", rather than simply "learning something". This way, children become aware of why one needs to know something and how one can use what he knows.
Physical education
Physical education, taught by educators graduated in Sport Sciences, emphasizes the ability of the individual, making her progressively aware of her body and its relationship to time and space and favouring cooperation.
Healthy eating education
Healthy eating education, provided by educators graduated in Gastronomy Sciences and Food Science, guides children to heathy and sustainable food habits through tools specifically created to facilitate a “learning through playing” approach.
GIOCAMPUS Together promotes social inclusion education across all the three phases of the project, promoting activities that do not discriminate, but integrate children with disabilities with the others, allowing the widest possible participation, in full respect of diversity.
GIOCAMPUS Green promotes environmental sustainability education to secondary school students, through laboratories focused on various fields and built on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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