Giocampus program

GIOCAMPUS promotes the wellbeing of future generations through a unique program of physical activity, healthy eating and environmental sustainability education, strongly supporting social inclusion. In fact, healthy and sustainable diets, within an active life, is essential for wellbeing. GIOCAMPUS is an educational alliance between private companies and public institutions in the Parma area, which is becoming an exemplary model of welfare-community. GIOCAMPUS is carried out in three phases.


GIOCAMPUS School, involving all the 28 primary schools in Parma (about 10,000 children), dispenses two hours per week of physical activity and three lessons of healthy eating and environmental sustainability education.


GIOCAMPUS Summer, involving more than 5000 children aged between 5 and 13 years, is a summer camp, from June to September, and offers a multidisciplinary approach including team and individual sports, healthy eating and environmental sustainability laboratories, in addition to other laboratories (e.g., gardening, crafting, archaeology etc).


GIOCAMPUS Snow features a ski week for children 9 to 14 years old, offering all participants the possibility to carry on their individual growth outside their daily routines and away from their family, increasing awareness of a healthy lifestyle.
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